EasyJoin Pro APK Share files offline 1.7.2

EasyJoin Pro Share files offline

 Share files offline
EasyJoin “Pro” – Send photos to PC & more is a Tools android app made by EasyJoin that you can install on your android devices an enjoy ! Share messages, links, files, folders and notifications easily and securely. Send SMS and manage phone calls from a remote device. Available also for Windows, Linux and macOS.
EasyJoin Pro 1.6.5
EasyJoin Pro Features
• Internet-less: Easily connect and interact with all the devices in your network that use EasyJoin. Without pairing and Internet connection. Without ads and tracking.

• Phone calls & SMS: Read and send SMS (text messages) from your PC or tablet. Manage phone calls without touching your phone!

• Files & folders: Send files and folders to multiple devices fast, accurate and without limitations. Take advantage of all the bandwidth of your network and safeguard your data plan and internet bandwidth.

• Notifications: Share the notifications between your devices. Read and reply to the notifications of your phone from your computer.

• Clipboard: Send the clipboard text from one device to another. Auto-sync the clipboards between your devices.

• Messages & Links: Send direct text messages (not SMS) and links to one or more devices even when they are offline. Once available they'll receive the pending messages!

• Remote control: Remotely control a device. You can change the volume, lock the screen, restart the device and more.

• Safety: End-to-end encryption when you transfer files, send messages and share notifications and clipboard.

• Private network: Create your own hotspot with one click and keep your data out of the grid.

• Privacy policy: We don't collect any data from you when you use this application.

• "Family library" support: buy it once and share it with all your family's devices.

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