Radarwarner Pro APK 6.66 [Paid Version]

Radarwarner Pro APK 6.66

Radarwarner Pro APK
Radarwarner Pro is your partner on the highway. The only app with real-time alerts and reliable GPS radar detection. 100% legal and reliable. Drive safely and forget the traffic tickets!

Radarbot Apk offers you the most reliable radar detector with real-time traffic alerts and a high-quality speedometer in a single, powerful app.
Radarwarner Pro APK latest

Drive safely and relaxed. Do not worry about a possible loss of license. Radarbot detects all speed camera types:

- Fixed speed cameras
- Possible mobile Blitzer (reported by users)
- Tunnel Blitzer
- Route Blitzer
- Traffic light cameras
- accident black spots

Daily updates: Our speed camera database is updated daily and offers free continuous improvements and updates. WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION AND REGISTRATION!


- Integration with all GPS navigation systems and map applications. Here route announcements and speed camera warnings are issued at the same time!
- Battery saving mode The app can run in the background. Even when the screen you have the warnings!
- Choose from 4 different display modes.
- Simple and clear user interface. Location, direction and distance to the next speed cameras are displayed in real time along with the speed limit.
- voice warnings.
- Radar messages in the direction of travel. The application automatically ignored Blitzer in the opposite direction or off the track.
- warning tones when approaching a speed camera.
- Warnings when exceeding the speed limit.
- vibration mode for motorcyclists.
- warning distances and warning parameters freely configurable.
- Review of the warnings. The reliability of the speed camera warnings is calculated in real time according to data notified by the Community to the platform information.


The Radarbot community consists worldwide of over 2 million motorists who share real-time alerts, and received as a voice message. Keep up with the action on the streets up to date and avoid surprises.


- Communication platform and for motorists.
- Receive and send traffic alerts, data on police stops and new fixed speed cameras.
- voice input possible: You can warn without tapping the other users.


Capture all the speeds of a route and displays it graphically.


- Real-time display of:
* Speed ​​graph.
* Current, average and maximum speed.
- Setting a speed limit with warning tone when exceeded.
- Ability to track storage

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