Sniffer Wicap 2 Pro

Sniffer Wicap 2 Pro 2.5.7
Wicap. Sniffer Pro 2 [ROOT] is a Tools android app made by evbadroid that you can install on your android devices an enjoy !
Packet sniffer for WiFi, LTE networks. To decrypt HTTPS and other SSL traffic use Proxymon

Sniffer Wicap 2 Pro Apk is a great app that allows you to analyze your mobile traffic. With its help, the user can get information about all packages in real time. Also, the utility has the ability to display data in parallel from different network interfaces, be it a 3G network or WiFi. The program works in both vertical and horizontal screen orientations and has many useful features, including packet capture notifications, built-in statistics analyzer, root terminal, information viewer, etc.
Sniffer Wicap Pro

Please first test Wicap Demo! Mobile sniffer for WiFi, LTE networks (packet capture).

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