Text Toolbox -Text repeater & more Pro APK 5.1

Text Toolbox -Text repeater & more Pro APK

Text Toolbox  APK
Text Toolbox -Text repeater & more! is a Tools android app made by IR Labs that you can install on your android devices an enjoy !
Text Toolbox -Text repeater & more Pro APK

*Repeat Text: Type text or Emojis ONCE and repeat it as many times you want!
*Random Text: Generate RANDOM characters, Emojis, Numbers, or All of them!
*Text Operations: Perform replace, match, reverse and many more string operations!
*Stylish Text: Choose from many styles to stylize your text!
*Emoji Translator: Convert text to Emoji and much more!
*Text to Emoji: Create text with Emojis or characters!
*ASCII Emoticons: Express your feelings through ASCII emoticons!
*Blank Text: Send blank text and surprise your friends!
*MODIFY the generated text!
*SHARE on all major social platforms or COPY it.
*Send to people on WhatsApp WITHOUT saving their numbers!
*SPAM you friends on any messaging app.
*No background services to save battery.

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