1A Unit Converter Pro APK 2.0.16 [Paid]

1A Unit Converter Pro APK

1A Unit Converter Pro APK Latest
1A Unit Converter Pro is a powerful and easy to use app with a clean and beautiful user interface. 
This useful tool is user friendly, intuitive, customizable and feature rich and comprises the most commonly used conversions as well as some unusual categories...

With the '1A Unit Converter pro mod' you enjoy a completely ad-free version of the app and support the further development of this project.

The unique app contains 4 categories of units. It's the Swiss knife - a toolbox for all occasions - for daily needs, study and work:
1A Unit Converter Pro APK
1A Unit Converter pro Features
★ Basic units: 
• length
• area
• volume
• mass

★ For everyday use:
• currencies (more than 140!)
• temperature
• velocity
• time
• fuel consumption
• angle
• data
• typography
• roman numerals ('Roman ➜ Arabic' and 'Arabic ➜ Roman')
• body height ('Metric ➜ US' and 'US ➜ Metric')
• blood sugar level
• shoe sizes (children and adults) and clothing sizes (women and men)
• wind (Beaufort wind force scale, Saffir–Simpson hurricane scale, Fujita tornado damage scale)
• earthquakes (Richter scale and Mercalli scale)
• brewing (°Plato, °Brix, standard gravity)

★ The scientific categories: 
• pressure
• force
• energy
• power
• acceleration
• torque
• frequency
• electric current
• voltage
• density
• flow rate
• viscosity
• concentration
• illuminance
• luminance
• sound pressure
• magnetic flux
• magnetic field strength
• radiation (activity, absorbed dose, exposure)
• numeral system
• unit prefixes

★ New
- Now with two color schemes and an optimized layout! 
- It is now possible to change the order of units in all lists!

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