Clipboard Editor Pro Mod Apk 4.2 [Paid]

Clipboard Editor Pro APK

Clipboard Editor Pro APK
A system clipboard manager with history, favourites & more!

Copy, paste and edit with ease!
This is a standalone, more feature rich version of the Clipboard Editor Pro included in my other app, Shortcutter Quick Settings:

Clipboard Editor Mod does not share or send any information or clipboard data in the background.

Keywords: clipboard, clipboard manager, clipboard editor, copy, paste, text.
Clipboard Editor Pro APK 2019
Clipboard Editor Pro Features:

* Show your current clipboard clip in a notification - Android 8+
* Auto save up to 50 items to "Clipboard History".
* Save clips to your "Favourites".
* Optional quick access floating icon:. 
- A small floating icon will appear for 5 seconds when copying text, giving you a way to quickly manipulate the clip without digging around for the app.
* Clipboard Manager can run as a static (fixed) or floating view, the floating view allows you to move the box around the screen and interact with items behind it.
* Auto save edits on exit.
* Open & edit the system clipboard.
* Save edits to the system clipboard.
* Clear the system clipboard.
* Share text from any app to Clipboard Editor.
* Share text from Clipboard Editor to any app.
* Accessible from the Quick Settings Pull-down (Android 7 and above).
* Dark/Light Theme

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