Lawnchair Launcher Mod introduces powerful new features from Drawer Categories to integration with Android Recents and contextual data in At a Glance.
Lawnchair Launcher Mod Apk 2.0.25 [Latest Version]
1. Requires QuickSwitch ( Works on Android 9.
2. Requires Lawnfeed ( and Homefeeder ( respectively.
Lawnchair Launcher Mod
Lawnchair Launcher Mod Features
  • Support for Adaptive Icons.
  • Flexible Desktop, Dock, and Drawer.
  • Drawer Categories (Tabs & Folders).
  • Integration with Android Recents.¹
  • Automatic Dark Mode.
  • Contextual data in At a Glance.
  • Notification Dots.
  • Integration with Google Feed and Homefeeder.

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