TruDesktop Remote Desktop Pro APK 2.3.28 [Paid]

TruDesktop Remote Desktop Pro APK

TruDesktop Remote Desktop Pro

TruDesktop Pro is a secure easy to use fully loaded Rdp & Vnc & Remote Mac viewer.
It works on Android TV also.
It supports remote controling from TruDesktop application installed on other Android devices on same WiFi network.
TruDesktop Pro 2019
TruDesktop Pro features
✓ Works on Android Tv
✓ Can be remote controled from TruDesktop on another device
✓ Connect to Windows, Mac (OS X), Linux, BSD, or any other OS with a VNC server installed
✓ Connect to all operating systems that support Terminal Services respectively Remote Desktop Services out of the box.
✓ Right-click with Back button / Long press / Two finger touch
✓ Full mouse support on Android 4.0+
✓ Full desktop visibility
✓ Ability to reduce the color depth over slow links
✓ Samsung multi-window support
✓ Importing encrypted/unencrypted RSA keys in PEM format
✓ Automatic connection session saving
✓ Use D-pad for arrows, rotate D-pad
✓ Minimum zoom fits screen, and snaps to 1:1 while zooming
✓ FlexT9 and hardware keyboard support
✓ Optimized for gesture sensitive phones and tablets

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