Cool Tool Pro Mod Apk 5.8.6 [Latest Version]

Cool Tool Pro allows you to: - Easy diagnostic problem processes that consume resources excessively. - With Cool Tool you can monitor full-screen applications (games, video players, browsers). - Monitor your Internet traffic without closing the browser window.
Cool Tool Pro Apk
Customize the appearance of the panel using color picker dialogs. Also you can adjust transparency and size of the panel in Sliders section.
Tons of gauges could drain your battery very quickly. Uncheck the features that you do not need. Btw, Cool Tool went to sleep and do not draw anything when your display turns off. It is for power save.

Cool Tool Pro Features:
  • CPU Usage meter
  • Free RAM meter
  • CPU Frequency indicator
  • 2g/3g/Wi-Fi Traffic meter
  • Battery Level
  • Battery Temperature
  • Battery Current (mA)
  • Wi-Fi Signal Level
  • I/O Activity
  • Time/Date indicator
  • GSM Cell Signal Level (Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note are not supported due to firmware bug!)
  • Number of fixed GPS satellites
  • SD Card free space
  • Most resource-intensive processes
  • Task Killer
  • Audio VU and visual equalizer
  • CPU temp on some devices
  • No ads
  • Additional features like logging to sdcard and advanced network traffic stats

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