Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro is very Useful for STEM education, academia, and industry, this app uses device sensor inputs to collect, record, and export data in comma separated value (csv) format through a shareable .csv file. Data can be plotted against elapsed time on a graph or displayed digitally.
Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro
In multi record, users choose one or more of the above sensors to collect data at the same time. Files can be easily named before export, or saved to the device's internal for easy organization and retrieval later on.

Additional features include the ability to record data with clock time or elapsed time, select either the comma or semicolon as the csv delimiter, change line width on graphs, modify the relative sensor collection rate, and maintain the screen on at all times.
Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro Paid Apk

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro Paid Features:
- Audio Analysis (Oscillocope functions, Spectrum Analyzer)
- Calibration
- Data Alert
- File loading after recording
- Moving Average data filter
- Kalman data filter for g-force mode

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