Private Notepad Premium Apk 6.1.0 [Latest Version]

Private Notepad Mod apk is a secure notepad app that allows you to create secret notes and reminders and to organize data in lists (to do list, checklist, shopping list).
Private Notepad Mod apk
Store your photos in a private vault, backup your data to the secure cloud and sync it across your devices. Text and photos are securely encrypted. Create safe notes with this notepad Premium Apk !
Private Notepad Premium Apk 5.7.1 [Latest Version]

Private Notepad Premium Features:
  • Offline access: access your notes without internet connection
  • Checklist: plan your day with to do list, make shopping list, grocery list
  • Autosave: the notepad will save your notes automatically while you edit them
  • Password protection: protect your notes and checklist with password, PIN-code or pattern
  • Photo vault: add photos and images to your secure notes
  • Encryption: your notes and photos are always stored encrypted with AES standard which is used in banking systems
  • Intruder's photo: the notepad will notify you about wrong password attempts and will show you a photo of the intruder
  • Fingerprint access: open your notes and checklists with one touch
  • Labels: group your notes and to do list with labels to find them easily
  • Colors: make your notepad more colorful - paint your notes with your favorite colors
  • Cloud sync: backup and sync your notes across your devices using the secure cloud
  • Reminders: add reminders to your notes to remember important things
  • Undo button: undo last changes while you edit a note or to do list
  • Data hiding: enable hiding the most critical notes if someone tries to break into your private vault
  • Self-destruction: enable destroying the most critical notes if someone tries to break into your private vault
  • Selective protection: protect only particular notes or to do list with password
  • PDF and TXT files: export your notes to PDF and TXT files or convert the existing file to your notes
  • UI themes: select from several notepad themes for a custom look
  • Support: FAQ will help you to work with notes, checklist and reminders. Also you can always contact support if you have some questions

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