File Tools Pro Mod Apk 6.6.5 [Latest Version]

 File Tools Mod Apk

File Tools Premium Mod Apk

File Tools Pro is a collection of tools to perform batch operations on files/folders. It has following options:
  • Batch File Renamer
  • Batch Image Resizer
  • File Searcher
  • Duplicate File Finder
  • Zipper
  • Splitter/Joiner
  • File Content Searcher
File Renamer:
This tool will help you to rename a batch of files. It consists of the following features:
  • Custom Text
  • Numbering
  • Date
  • Find & Replace
  • Remove Chars
  • Batch rename folders
File Tools Pro Mod Apk [Latest Version]

File Finder:
This tool will help you to find the particular files saved on your storage with the following features:
  • Match Case.
  • Start Search from particular folder.
  • Search for either folder or files.
  • Filters
Duplicate Finder:
This tool will help you to find duplicate files on your internal storage or external storage.It has the following features:
  • Search by Bytes (Exact Match)
  • Search by Names (Faster)
  • Easy to delete duplicate files.
Create a ZIP archive of multiple files from different folders.

Split the file into a number of files.So you can share easily through Mails or other cloud drive..

File Content Searcher:
Search for particular text in the group for selected files/folder.

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