Medical records Pro Mod Apk 1.5.1 [Latest Version]

 Medical records Pro Mod Apk

Medical records Pro Mod Apk 1.5.1 [Latest Version]

Medical Record Mod Apk is a modern application for managing and keeping data about your health.

This will allow you:
  • to save the history of your visits to the doctors, their recommendations, referrals to laboratory tests, test results, and other information.
  •  to remember diagnoses of your illnesses, dates of performed operations, titles of the prescribed drugs, and other important medical information.
  • keep a history of measurements of health rates (sugar level, blood pressure, etc.)
  • to collect the personal information about your health in one place; in case of the Internet, availability to see the information on any device.
Medical Record Mod Apk

Advantages of this application:
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Simplified registration/authorization at the start of the work with the application (by e-mail, social networks, or Google account).
  • Record-keeping of all visits to doctors, appointments, recommendations, referrals to lab tests.
  • Registering health rates measurements (blood pressure, sugar level, etc)
  • Enclosing of separate medical documents (files of all formats) in the form of attachment to a medical visit/analysis.
  • Existence of medical databases for provisional medical information input (hospitals, doctors' contact details, names of drugs, diagnoses, analyses types, medical recommendations) for putting already existing medical history. This allows entering already existing medical information much faster.
  • Reminder about the time of drug-taking, keeping the history of taken drugs.
  • Calendar of events (taking of pills, visits to doctors, lab tests)
  • Synchronization of data, safe data storage on the Google servers.
  • Keeping several profiles, for example, yours and your family members.
  • Technical support in case of any questions/problems with the application.

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