Bandwidth ruler [ROOT] Pro Mod Apk 3.25

Bandwidth ruler [ROOT] Pro Apk

Bandwidth ruler [ROOT] Pro Apk

Bandwidth ruler Mod Apk An android bandwidth manager for root and non root users, Internet/tethering speed setter/booster and an easy data usage manager .
Primarily published for devices like Samsung Galaxy Sx/ Sx-mini/tabs , LG Gx , Xperia Zx, Motorolla moto .. but could be used for other devices.

✔ Without Root Features :
  • Easily create a data plan for your Internet Connections and also for your tethering connections (As if you create an alarm )
  • Easily edit a running data plan (modify speed , thresholds)
  • Enable/Disable a dataplan by a simple click.
  • Start Counting your bytes at any time (suitable for small data plans )
  • Sound and Bar Notifications when thresholds are reached
  • Can simultaneously manage more than 16 data plans
  • Provides links (shortcuts) to configure your connections
  • Provides your Connection Status and IP address
Bandwidth ruler [ROOT] Pro Mod Apk 3.25

✔ With Root Features :
  • Sets the Wifi connection upload Speed
  • Sets the Mobile connection upload Speed
  • Sets the Bluetooth connection upload Speed
  • Limits the tethering download speed (Download /Upload Speed ) for the portable Wifi Hotspot .
  • Sets the Download Speed for the USB/Bluetooth tethering connections
  • throttle the bandwidth of your connection when an arbitrary amount of data is reached
  • Accelerates all the connections (Through Fast Surf feature ), including tethered connections
  • Using Fast Surf Feature , access to websites/Media sharing such as Youtube , facebook, dailymotion 4 times more rapid .
  • Fits the connection speed to your needs.
  • Increases your data plan lifetime
  • Very suitable for connections with low upload/download speed
  • Excellent mobile data saver (Money saver), Tested with 1GB/Month data plan. it extended the data plan +15 days with daily youtube videos and facebook .

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