Camera Translator - Translate Picture Scanner PDF Pro Mod Apk 321

Camera Translator Pro Mod Apk

Camera Translator Pro Mod Apk

Camera Translator Mod Apk - Translate Picture Scanner PDF

Translate text from photos and documents in any format

The most professional camera translator ever seen, it has no limits. It converts virtually any document, recognition of the camera is instantaneous and the conversion of documents to other formats is total. Compatible with formats in pdf, doc, png, jpg, and others.

Cut out your images or photos to translate just the desired text. It is simple, it is easy, it is intuitive, it is the best translator with camera scanner that exists in the world.

Take a photo to any document, restaurant menu, magazine or photo, and translate to any language in the world. Translating physical or digital documents is no longer a problem, translating with camera is a reality.
Camera Translator - Translate Picture Scanner PDF Pro Mod Apk 231.0

Camera Translator Pro Features

  • Instantly translate texts through the camera
  • Compatible with over 80 languages
  • Recognize text documents with pdf, doc and other format
  • Recognize photos and images in png, jpg and others format
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Cut your images to translate only the desired text
  • Share texts or images from any application, browser or web.
  • Share your translations, text or audio, from the application
  • Customize your translator, with different wallpapers
  • Expand your long translations
  • Voice and audio recognition in more than 40 languages
  • Double function to share your translations, audio or text.
  • Unlimited translation history
  • History Search
  • Favorites in history and filters
  • Modify the order of translations performed
  • Resize the text font

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