Sky Music Studio Auto Mod Apk

Sky Music Studio Auto Mod Apk 2.3

This app is a tool for creating and playing songs automatically in the game Sky Children of the Light.

  • Automatic instruments: Input a script and a speed and the app will play the song for you automatically in Sky
  • Overlay control: Control the music with an easy to use overlay
  • Notification Control: Control the music through a notification that doesn't cover the screen
  • Smart Pause: The music playback automatically stops if you exit Sky
  • Control the music through an overlay (play/pause/progress bar)
  • Select a song from your saves
  • Control the speed
Sky Music Studio Auto Pro Mod Apk 2.3

  • Save your favorite songs to easily play them anytime
  • Create a sky scores in the familiar instrument layout from sky
  • Add song titles
Download Scripts for Sky Music Studio from Reddit

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