APK Extractor, Root Checker & SafetyNet Checker Premium Mod Apk 1.3.6

APK Extractor Premium Apk

APK Extractor Premium Apk
APK Extractor Mod Apk - will extracts APK that are installed on your android device and copies them to your SD card.

Root Checker - will helps you to check whether the device is rooted or not. This App will run a detailed check in the device to verify the root.

SafetyNet Checker - SafetyNet API is developed by Google to check whether a device has been tampered, whether it’s been rooted by a user, is running a custom ROM, or has been infected with low-level malware.

SafetyNet Compatibility Test:
  • Verifies whether the device passes Safety Net Compatibility Test Suite
  • Fast and easy to use. With multiple features
  • Extracts almost all application
  • No ROOT access required.
  • By Default Apk's will be saved in /sdcard/APK_Extractor/.
  • Provided Search option to search applications.
  • Compatible with latest version of Android
APK Extractor, Root Checker & SafetyNet Checker Premium Mod Apk 1.3.6

APK manager - will scan all apk files available in your SD card.
  • Search apk by name
  • Delete apk
  • Intall apk.
  • Share apk

App Uninstaller - Easy, Fast and Handy uninstall tool for android.
  • Uninstall apps easily by single click
  • Display application info: name, version, installation time and size
  • Searching apps
  • Sorting by name, package name, size, installation date and update date
  • Details of the applications
  • Search your apps in Google Play
  • NOTE: This app cannot uninstall system apps

SafetyNet Checker shows the following results
  • Response Attestation Result - Success / Fail
  • ctsProfileMatch - Success / Fail
  • basicIntegrity - Success / Fail

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