Barcode/NFC/OCR Scanner Keyboard Premium Mod Apk 3.4.3

Barcode/NFC/OCR Scanner Keyboard (Legacy Version) Apk

Barcode/NFC/OCR Scanner Keyboard (Legacy Version) Apk
Use this innovative Barcode/NFC/OCR Scanner keyboard Mod Apk to scan barcodes, QR codes, text (OCR) and NFC tags into any app. Invoke the integrated scanners with a single tap, the scanned data appears immediately in the target app like manually typed on the keyboard.

This works perfectly with almost any target app without modifications.

This keyboard is a convenient time saver! It reduces typing efforts and avoids typing errors. Tedious copy/paste is not required anymore; barcodes and QR codes, texts and NFC tags are scanned without app switching. The keyboard layout resembles the layout of the Android standard keyboard - you will immediately be familiar with it.

This Scanner Keyboard is very flexible, ready for volume licensing, optimized for bulk deployment and can be configured to meet virtually all requirements. It meets demands of commercial, industrial, logistics and supply chain applications.

Barcode/NFC/OCR Scanner Keyboard Premium Mod Apk 3.4.3 (Legacy Version)

Choose between two integrated camera barcode scanners. The traditional barcode scanner is ideal for older phone models, the recently introduced advanced barcode scanner provides selective barcode scanning - a very valuable feature if multiple barcodes are visible in the scan view.

The integrated text scanner (OCR), converts camera images to text within seconds. Latin-based text in pictures of arbitrary documents is detected automatically and inserted into the target app.

App Features
  • Keyboard with modern layout, voice recognition, spelling suggestions and multi-language support
  • Two camera barcode scanner engines to choose from
  • Selective barcode scanning (tap on barcode of interest)
  • OCR text scanner converts images to Latin-based text
  • Integrated NFC tag reader
  • Quick front/back camera switching and flashlight support
  • Autofocus support
  • Works with almost any target app
  • Swipe to change keyboard layout
  • Configurable auto-scan (invoke scanner automatically)
  • Configurable scanner keys
  • One-by-one / batch mode scanning
  • Macro support / Quicktext
  • Multiple licensing options
  • Ready for bulk deployment
  • And much more.

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