Contactum - Magic Trick with the Spectator's Phone Pro Mod Apk

 Contactum - Magic Trick with the Spectator's Phone Pro Apk

Contactum - Magic Trick with the Spectator's Phone Pro Apk

Contactum Mod Apk is not a simple trick, it's an amazing magic app with which you will have total control of the contact list on any phone in seconds, you can force, guess or predict one or many numbers on the spectator's phone.

You do not even need your phone, you will do everything with the spectator´s phone, very easily and without techniques.
With a little imagination, you can create powerful routines for close-up, parlor, or stage, involving one or many spectators.

With the great idea that no spectator knows what another spectator's contacts list looks like, Contactum will take advantage of this and give you a contacts list on the spectator's phone, detecting whether it is, and giving you access to the corresponding contacts list. Without the need to install anything on their phones.
You will be able to perform the winning routine for the best prize in mentalism, at CADI 2019 (ARGENTINE CONGRESS OF ILLUSIONISM), using a jury's phone and involving 4 spectators on the stage. You will know its explanation in the instructions.
Contactum Pro Mod Apk

Contactum is an app created by Magic Pro Ideas, designed for professional magicians and beginners.

You can always have the app configured to perform the effects at any time and anywhere, without the need to even have your phone with you, since everything will happen on the spectator´s phone.

Contactum is created by professional magicians from Argentina, Javier Franco, Leandro Bas, and Abril Kan, who regularly use it in their professional routines, at social, corporate, and TV shows.

App Features
  • Multilanguage, 20 languages and growing constantly.
  • Set it up in seconds and have it ready to perform it always.
  • Very easy to perform, without techniques.
  • Instructional videos and performance inside the app.
  • Contactum automatically detects the spectator´s phone!
  • We constantly improve and expand the app.

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