New Playlist Manager Paid Mod Apk 3032

New Playlist Manager Apk Free Download

New Playlist Manager Apk Free Download

This is the ultimate New Playlist Manager Mod Apk and MP3/M4A/FLAC tag Editor.

It has unique features you will not find with other playlist apps.

For those who have the P*amp music player installed, New Playlist Manager allows you to manage your P*amp playlists, backup your Ratings and Times Played (something P*amp cannot do) and even update your mp3/m4a/flac track Ratings tag itself so you will never lose these settings.

To get the maximum from this app, ensure that all your tags are suitably completed.

Note: if you have ANDROID 10 and have your music on an EXTERNAL SDCARD and are NOT using Poweramp as a music player, this app will NOT be able to create playlists due to android 10 restrictions
New Playlist Manager Paid Mod Apk 3032

App Features
  • easily create your own native android playlists
  • create your native android playlists from P*amp playlists
  • launch a P*amp playlist from the app
  • rename playlists
  • delete all playlists
  • merge playlists
  • generate random playlists automatically (users can set the limits)
  • Create Playlists using your preferred playlist name which you set
  • Create Playlists of your music folders, Artist, Genre, Year, Composer, Decade or Recently Added
  • Create Playlists by creating your own combinations through query building
  • create Playlists located on a PC or NAS share
  • copy or move playlist tracks to folders
  • customize background and font colors.
  • drag and drop to rearrange your tracks
  • 1 click deduplication
  • manage your tracks by listening to a track and if you do not like it, permanently delete it there and then
  • delete single Playlists and/or delete music on your sdcard
  • update the IDV3_2_3 POPM Popularimeter tag
  • edit most common IDV3_2_3 tags, including BPM (Beats Per Minute)
  • update the FLAC and M4A tags
  • remove selected tracks from any playlist, move tracks to top of playlist, shuffle playlist
  • export m3u playlists (Unix or Windows format)
  • manage the m3u playlists
  • fully parameterized preferences
  • move to sdcard to preserve phone memory
  • ongoing development and enhancements

Mod Features
  • Single Package APK (No SAI Needed);
  • Languages: en,pl
  • Supported DPIs: xhdpi
  • Supported CPU architecture: universal

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