ParseGreek Paid Mod Apk 1.3

ParseGreek Paid Apk

ParseGreek Paid Apk

ParseGreek Apk is designed to help students of New Testament Greek by quizzing them on the parsing of verbs, nouns, adjectives, and pronouns. The app includes 9,500+ forms, all taken directly from the Greek New Testament. ΠαrsεGrεεk has numerous criteria to suit quizzes to the user's need.

ΠαrsεGrεεk Apk Free Download is designed to help both beginning students and advanced students. Advanced students can quiz themselves by frequency and other criteria. For beginning students, ΠαrsεGrεεk has been designed to be compatible with today's top intro grammar
ParseGreek Paid Mod Apk 1.3

  • William Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek (2019)
  • David Alan Black, Learn to Read New Testament Greek (2009)
  • S. M. Baugh, A New Testament Greek Primer (2012)
  • Constantine Campbelll, Reading Biblical Greek(2017)
  • N. Clayton Croy, Biblical Greek Primer (1999)
  • Jeremy Duff, Elements of New Testament Greek (2005)
  • James Hewett, New Testament Greek (2009)
  • Merkle & Plummer, Beginning with New Testament Greek (2020)
  • Stanley Porter, Fundamentals of New Testament Greek (2010)
  • Gerald Stevens, New Testament Greek Primer (2010)
  • Danny Zacharias, Biblical Greek Made Simple (2013)

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