Point of Sale - Kasir Pintar Pro Mod Apk

Point of Sale - Kasir Pintar Pro Mod Apk

Kasir Pintar Pro Mod Apk is designed for upper-class entrepreneurs who already have several employees and want autopilot business with full features as follows:
  • Can be used by 6 users or more
  • Can be used while offline
  • Unlimited sales transactions

  • Database storage is a maximum of 10,000 items
  • Import item data via excel
  • Management of goods categories
  • Stock / inventory management
  • Type of item price
  • Warning stock runs out / thinning
  • Purchase of goods from suppliers
  • Product package (with Bussiness Account plugin)
  • Raw material (with Ingredient plugin)
  • Debt / debt management
  • Discount and tax management
  • Customer and supplier management
  • Customer loyalty (with the Bussiness Account plugin)
  • Transfers between branches

Point of Sale - Kasir Pintar Pro Mod Apk 3.4.8

  • Add on / topping
  • Send receipts via WhatsApp
  • Sales transaction
  • Short payment nominal
  • Removal of receipt watermarks
  • Type of payment (with the Bussiness Account plugin)
  • Send receipts via email (with the Bussiness Account plugin)
  • Book a digital restaurant menu (with the Food Menu plugin)

  • Online catalog
  • General report
  • Report on all transactions
  • Sales report
  • Report on the purchase of goods
  • Capital report
  • Visitor reports
  • Tax report
  • Report via back office
  • Staff performance report (with the Bussiness Account plugin)
  • Stock hospitalization
  • Log of goods inventory
  • Log the owner's activity
  • Log staff activities

  • Synchronize or backup data to the cloud
  • Accounting methods for FIFO, LIFO and Average
  • Branch management
  • Staff management and access rights
  • Priority support

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Cash Drawer
  • USB Thermal Printer
  • EPSON Thermal Printer
  • Bluetooth Thermal Printer
  • Thermal Wifi Printer

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