Shot On Video Stamp: ShotOn Stamp Camera & Gallery Pro Mod Apk 1.1

Shot On Video Stamp Mod Apk

Shot On Video Stamp Mod Apk

Shot On Video Stamp Pro Apk: ShotOn Stamp Camera & Gallery’ is designed to auto add ‘Shot On’& ‘Shot By’ watermark logos : ‘Shot On (Device Name)’ and ‘Shot By (Your Name)’ on Videos in one go.

You must have surely used ShotOn Camera and ShotBy watermark tags on your favorite photos. To give more privilege to the same features, here, we’re “Introducing SHOT ON and SHOT BY tags for VIDEOS” with your favorite Brand Logo.

Now, easily add Shot On Logo Watermark to Videos for free from both Mobile Camera or Phone Video Gallery!

🎁 Striking benefits of Shot On Video Watermark Stamp App
  • Some of the most remarkable uses of Shot On Camera & Shot By Stamp Video Watermark are below:
  • If you’re a Freelance Photographer, adding Shot On & Shot By Watermark video stamps will help you get your work recognized globally.
  • Dear Vloggers, this Video stamping app is boon for you! Add vlog logo on videos with ShotOn Camera & share on social media.
  • Secure your videos from online theft with Shot On & Shot By Video Watermark before sharing on the internet.
  • Add your Company Logo/Brand Logo to video let your brand gets acknowledged!
  • With Shot On Watermark Logo app now easily Add watermark to gif too!
  • Are you a Youtuber? Want to add watermark to your Youtube videos? Simply add Youtube video logo on your work.
  • Simply stamp videos with your favourite brand names. Effortlessly add ShotOn for Mi, Shot On for OnePlus, ShotOn for Vivo, Shot On for Oppo on your videos with favourite brand logo.
Shot On Video Stamp: ShotOn Stamp Camera & Gallery Pro Mod Apk 1.1

Why to opt for ‘Shot On Video Stamp: ShotOn Stamp Camera & Gallery’ App?
  • Totally Free Shot On Stamp & Shot By Watermark Video App
  • Auto add Watermark to Video App with entirely User-friendly Interface
  • Unique Video Stamp App to Auto Add Logo ‘Shot On’ ‘Shot By’ to videos.
  • Customizable ‘Shot On’ & ‘Shot By’ Signature Stamp
  • Flexible Watermark Video Stamp Position
  • Fariable colors for ‘Shot On’ ‘Shot By’ Watermark Camera
  • Cool Video Stamp styles to select from.
  • Now, add Copyright Watermark Logo on Top/Left of ‘Shot On’ & ‘Shot By’ signature text.

Exciting Features of Shot On Video Stamp: ShotOn Stamp Camera & Gallery
  • Auto add ‘Shot On’ Logo Watermark Stamps to Videos
  • 2-in-1 Free Video Watermark App
  • Wide Variety of Brand Logos to Choose from rich Copyright Logo collection
  • You can also add custom Video stamp logo of your own choice!
  • Adjustable Video Logo position on the Left /on Top in context to Shot On & Shot By Copyright Logo
  • Editable ‘Shot On’ & ‘Shot By’ Video Watermark Logo color
  • Changeable ‘Shot On’ & ‘Shot By’ Watermark stamp position
  • Resizable Video Watermark Stamp
  • Cool Font Styles for ‘Shot On’ & ‘Shot By’ Video Logos

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