Handy Surveying Mod Apk 5.9 [Paid]

Handy Surveying Apk Free Download

Handy Surveying Apk Free Download

Handy Surveying Mod Apk This app has been developed in consultation with experienced surveyors in both Australia and the US and includes many of the common Coordinate Geometry (COGO) calculations needed for land surveying field work.

The app can store points for multiple jobs simultaneously, and can easily compute and store the next point on each leg of a continuous bearing and distance traverse. Once a traverse has been completed, it can be plotted, exported, and the misclosure can be computed and corrected if desired.
Handy Surveying Mod Apk 5.9 [Paid]

App Features
  • Conduct a survey as a continuous traverse, automatically storing points in a point database
  • Stakeout points on the ground from a plan
  • Plot survey points
  • List and edit survey point coordinates
  • Import and export survey points from/to a CSV file
  • Compute the misclosure distance and angle
  • Automatically correct the misclosure using the Bowditch method.
  • Compute enclosed area and perimeter
  • Traverse / Radiation (2D and 3D)
  • Inverse / Join (2D and 3D)
  • Horizontal curve solver
  • Intersection by bearings
  • Intersection by distances
  • Intersection by bearing and distance
  • Intersection of two lines
  • Intersection of perpendicular lines
  • Point Scale Factor
  • Grid Convergence
  • General purpose calculator with trig functions and degree conversion tool
  • Bearing calculator
  • Polar to rectangular tool
  • Units conversion tool

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