KSWEB server Pro Apk

KSWEB server Pro Apk

KSWEB Mod Apk is completed with a scheduler with cron-like expressions. Plan and perform some useful work on your web data. The friendly user KSWEB interface and the willingness to answer questions will allow you to realize all of your ideas.

Use App text editor for editing PHP, HTML, JS, CSS files! It will highlight your code and will help you not to get lost among it.

Do you want to have a platform for running sites on PHP in any convenient place? It's possible! It is enough to install KSWEB on your Android device and copy scripts to the htdocs folder on the memory card. After that, you can run your web content! So, KSWEB is a set for web developer for the Android platform.

The package consists of: web server, FTP server, PHP programming language, MySQL DBMS and scheduler. KSWEB does not need root rights for proper functioning, unless, of course, you want to use the server on port 80. By the way, it can be convenient when opening your server on the Internet. This will allow you to have a small hosting in your pocket!
KSWEB: server + PHP + MySQL Pro Mod Apk 3.971

KSWEB contains:
  • lighttpd server v1.4.35
  • nginx v1.13.1
  • Apache v2.4.28
  • PHP v7.2.0
  • MySQL v5.6.38
  • msmtp v1.6.1
  • Web Interface v2.11
  • KSWEBFTP v1.0
  • Editor v1.0
  • Scheduler

You can enable Web Interface in the KSWEB Tools menu.
Login information for Web Interface by default:
login: admin
password: admin

  • MySQL host: localhost (or
  • MySQL port: 3306
  • MySQL login "root" with a blank password

To start the web server, you need to: start KSWEB, specify, if necessary, the port and the root directory. By default, KSWEB contains fully-configured configuration files for all components.

Mod features
  • Pro Subscription Unlocked
  • Ads Removed

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