PicTools Batch image resize compress crop rotate Pro Mod Apk 1.7.0

PicTools Batch image Pro Mod Apk

PicTools Batch image Pro Mod Apk
Pic Tools  Mod Apk is the best photo & picture resizer, cropper,converter,compressor & no crop photo editor and photography tool to reduce photo size KB, useful for picture management with PDF support

⚡️Compress Tool
Quickly shrink big photos into tiny sized high quality images

Upto 90% size reduction with little or no visible difference. (3 mb to 100 kb)
Select & compress 25 photos at once (Unlimited for premium features)

⚡️ Resize Tool
Ever needed to resize a photo to make it print correctly?
Use this tool to accurately resize images in cm , mm , A4 and inches.
Just set your printer DPI setting and resize images quickly to print them in exact size you wished for!

⚡️ Resize (Px) tool
The classic resize in pixel tool.
Simply choose images enter the dimensions (width and height) in pixels or just select percentage and get resized images.
You can resize image & scale up to 10000x10000 pixels! and even more if your device supports.

⚡️ Optimize tool
Big camera photos taking too much space?
Use Optimize tool to find compress just the big images. Can easily save space in GBs for a gallery full of photos!

⚡️ Crop tool
This is the only app in entire play store which offers a Batch Crop feature.
Just pick images, select crop region and each image will be cropped with proportion to the selected area!

⚡️ Reduce tool
Ever needed to compress an image below a certain size e.g. 50kb for online forms?
Instead of going through hassle of resizing images in trial and error method, simply use this tool enter the size and image will be compressed matching the target size.Simple!

⚡️ Convert tool
Convert all your images to specific format.
With this tool back converting JPG to PNG or PNG to JPG made easy!

⚡️ Rotate tool
Batch rotate and shrink images quickly and efficiently.

⚡️ SquareFit tool
No worries about cropping an images for insta DP with this No Crop feature
Use this tool to fit your images in square background,all colored bars,etc
PicTools Batch image resize compress crop rotate Pro Mod Apk 1.7.0

App Features
  • Shrink photos with same quality (3 MB to 100 KB)
  • Batch / Bulk / Multiple photo Support
  • Simple , clean & minimalist UI
  • Images to PDF
  • Small app size ~2mb
  • 3 simple steps to process images and photos
  • Fast processing
  • 8 useful tools for different purpose
  • Offline support
  • Exif support (free)
  • Convert images to JPG,PNG
  • Share photos with your friends via social networks email and more
  • Compare original and result side by side
  • Save lot of space by optimizing camera photos
  • WEBP Image format support with PNG & JPEG
  • Add photos to batch easily with simple UI
  • Original pictures are not affected

  • Crop multiple images in batch. Support for crop region selection
  • Resize pictures in pixels inches centimeters cm millimeters mm and A4 sizes
  • Pictures are automatically saved in the 'Pictures/PicTools Saved' folder
  • Safe to use.No unnecessary permissions.No data collected.

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