PythonDev PRO - Learn Python Mod Apk 0.1.0 [Paid]

PythonDev PRO - Learn Python Programming Tutorials Apk Free Download

PythonDev PRO - Learn Python Programming Tutorials Apk Free Download
PythonDev Mod Apk If You are a new developer and thinking of learning Python Programming or starting python Programming then this app is going to be your best friend or if you are already a Python Developer then this app will be a great pocket reference guide for your day to day python Programming so you can become a better python developer.

Learn Python - AI with Python, Django, Flask, CherryPY, AI, ML with Compiler. You can learn,
  • Guide to learn Python
  • Python 3 complete guide
  • Interview Question for Python Developers
  • Object Oriented Python
  • Concurrency in Python
  • Requests Python
  • TurboGears Python framework
  • Beautiful Soup tutorials
  • Guide for BioPython
  • Learn Jython
  • Numpy Tutorials
  • Learn Theano
  • WxPython Complete guide
  • Bokeh tutorials
  • Learn Django framework free
  • Flask complete guide
  • Guide for learn CherryPy
  • Apache Spark tutorials
  • Guide for learn Python Artifacial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Python Block Chain
  • Deep Learning with Python
  • Data Science tutorials
  • Guide for MySQL with Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • and much more.

Here is what you will get and learn by installing this Python Programming app:
  • When to use Python 2 and when to use Python 3.
  • How to install Python on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • How to prepare your computer for Python programming.
  • The various ways to run a Python program on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Suggested text editors and integrated development environments to use when coding in Python.
  • How to work with various data types including strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries, booleans, and more.
  • What variables are and when to use them.
  • How to perform mathematical operations using Python.
  • How to capture input from a user.
  • Ways to control the flow of your programs.
  • The importance of white space in Python.
  • How to organize your Python programs -- Learn what goes where.
  • What modules are, when you should use them, and how to create your own.
  • How to define and use functions.
  • Important built-in Python functions that you'll use often.
  • How to read from and write to files.

PythonDev PRO - Learn Python Mod Apk 0.1.0 [Paid]

Topics Included in this app
  • Introduction to Python
  • Python Features
  • Python History
  • Application of Python
  • How to Install Python
  • Python Programs
  • Python Variables
  • Data Types in Python
  • Keywords in Python
  • Literals in Python
  • Python Operator
  • Comments in Python
  • If else statement in Python
  • Python Loops
  • Python For loop
  • While loop in Python
  • Break statement in Python
  • Continue Statement in Python
  • Python Pass
  • Python String
  • Python List
  • Python Tuple
  • Python Set Dictionary
  • Functions of Python
  • Built in Functions of Python
  • Lambda Functions of Python
  • File Handling in Python
  • Exceptions in Python
  • Date and time in Python
  • Regular Expressions of Python
  • Sending Email using SMTP in Python
  • CSV file in Python 
  • Write csv file in Python 
  • Read excel file in Python 
  • Write excel file in Python 
  • Python Assert Keyword
  • Python List Comprehension
  • Python Collection Module
  • Python Math module
  • Python OS Module
  • Random module of Python 
  • Statistics module in Python 
  • IDEs of Python 
  • Array in Python 
  • Command line arguments of Python 
  • Magic method of Python 
  • Stack and Queue in Python
  • Decorator in Python
  • Generators of Python
  • Web scraping using Python
  • JSON using Python
  • Iter tools in Python
  • ooPs concepts of Python
  • Python Constructor
  • Python Inheritance

Mod Features
  • Languages: en,pl
  • Supported DPIs: xhdpi
  • Supported CPU architecture: armeabi_v7a

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