Just Snow - Photo Effects Pro Mod Apk 5.1

Just Snow - Photo Effects Pro Apk

Just Snow - Photo Effects Pro Apk

Just perfect Mod Apk is helps to Create exellent compositions using the "Mask" tool. The snowfall will never close your face or other important objects. The mask works like an eraser. Choose the ideal shape, for example, for landscapes is useful "Half", and for the portrait a "Circle". Just move the mask to the desired object and set the desired size.

Add a new layer
Not enough snow? Use the layers. Mix filters from different categories. Also this tool works fine with masks. Turn on your fantasy. Arrange a snow storm on your picture.

At your disposal more than 30 unique filters, created specifically for Just Snow app. You will definitely find the one that suits you.
Choose one of 4 categories:
  • Small snow - great for landscapes.
  • Bokeh - a large and blurry snow, which will decorate your portrait shots.
  • Motion - inspired by extreme photos and suitable for unusual camera angles.
  • Abstraction - pure imagination, use to create creative works.
Just Snow - Photo Effects Pro Mod Apk 5.1

Full customization
  • Just Snow app provides you with all the tools to make the final image perfect:
  • Set the transparency of the snow filter.
  • Change the saturation of the background, this will add an atmosphere of winter to your photos.
  • Fill the background with a color, it will look like a fog or a blizzard.
  • If the snow filter seems too harsh, you can fix it using a blur.

Always different
If you are bored with standard filters, you can always create your own. To do this, use the generation of particles in pairs with layers and masks. Each time the position of the snowflakes changes and you always get the different effect.

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