Scene Switch Pro Mod Apk 5.3.6 [Paid]

Scene Switch Pro Apk Free Download

Scene Switch Pro Apk

Scene Switch Pro Mod Apk can change some settings of your Android device at once according to selected scene.
(Please note that there are setting items that do not work depending on the version of Android OS or device model. The free version of SceneSwitch has been removed from Google Play for a reason.)

You can make 10 scenes as a pack of settings like home, office, etc. And you can change it to tap the scene on popup menu.
If you set a timer schedule to switch the scene, the settings will be changed automatically at the designated time by the timer schedule.

Launching the App widget
This app is controlled by the widget basically. You can add this app widget to your desktop by -
  1. Long-touch on your desktop.
  2. Then select [Widgets].
  3. And then select [Scene Switch].
If it is the first launch, five default initial scenes will be created. Please modify the scene name and the settings with [Scene Edit] function.
Scene Switch Pro Mod Apk 5.3.6 [Paid]

Scene Select Operations
If you tap the widget, scene pop-up menu is displayed. You can tap and select a scene name in the pop-up menu to change the scene. The settings will be changed according to the scene you selected. You can tap [Scene Switch] in the notification bar if it is shown.

Edit Scene Settings
Tap the widget once or select this app from notification bar, and then push menu button on your device. Then option menu is displayed. Select [Scene Edit] on the option menu. And tap a scene in the pop-up menu. Then scene editor is displayed. You can edit the settings of the scene.

Scene switch by Timer schedule
Scene can be switched automatically by timer schedule.
Select [Timer schedule] on the menu. Timer schedule list will be displayed. And tap a row in the schedule list. You can set timer schedule for scene switching.

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